Pilgrims Journey

Over the past two years Team Gabriel has enjoyed one powerful experience after another. Lifelong friendships have been formed and lives changed in wonderful ways.

Although our return to Spain must wait until 2021 , our pilgrimage at home continues. Come back soon to see updates on our plans for this summer and for Spain next year.

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Many thanks, again, to the friends, neighbors, and family who have supported us through this whole adventure! With your generous help, our team completed the second leg of Gabriel’s pilgrimage in the summer of 2019.

We walked out of Logroño on June 24 and into Castrojeriz eight days later. Several of those on last year’s team returned to push and pull this summer; however, we had many more new team members as well-and I do mean many!

In all there were 19 of us, including Micah, a strong, charming, and dedicated young man with Down Syndrome.  No one showed more grit and determination than Micah along the Way. What’s more, he was an endless source of fun, love, and inspiration for all of us. (You can see him in action in our photo and video galleries.)

At times we felt like a small, mobile town rolling down the trail, but as you’ll see in our photos and videos, the whole team was knit together in a wonderful way, supporting each other and yet never isolated from other pilgrims.

In the summer of 2018 we were glad to discover just how accessible the Camino can be for people with disabilities. We were amazed again in 2019 how helpful people were, willing to meet Gabriel’s needs, and to accommodate a group our size. This was true regardless of how intentionally ‘accessible’ albergues, hostels, and restaurants were.

As we plan to return in 2021, we expect to meet new challenges, make new friends, and get just a few miles closer to Santiago!