The mission of Pilgrim’s Journey is to provide the physical, emotional, and spiritual support needed for small groups of all abilities to follow an ancient tradition and complete their pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago. Sharing the journey, each member will encounter hardship, practice the spiritual disciplines, and enjoy the beauty of Spain enhanced by the vibrant, inclusive community evoked by the Camino.

We believe that pilgrimage draws each traveler, regardless of his or her religious leanings, into a deeper experience of an ’embodied spirituality’ that is profoundly nourishing and energizing, particularly in our contemporary world.

We are committed to enabling and safeguarding the rich experience of pilgrimage on the Camino in a culture that increasingly promotes the Way as a walking holiday or tourist attraction. For us this means keeping our pilgrim groups small, using as much of the existing Camino infrastructure as possible, and providing ample opportunities for spiritual growth, reflection, and community.