Pilgrims Journey supports pilgrims with disabilities in a way that respects not only pilgrims, but also the spirit, values and goals of pilgrimage. Pilgrims Journey is committed to keeping pilgrim groups intimate, using the Camino infrastructure, providing all the opportunities for spiritual growth, reflection, and community that have made the Camino a life-changing experience through the centuries.

Interested in experiencing pilgrimage on your own but need information and advice concerning travel, trekking chair options, accessible accommodations, itineraries? Pilgrims Journey offers detailed and knowledgeable consulting services that provide just the right amount of guidance to make your pilgrimage meaningful and safe but still your own, personal Camino.

Feel the call of pilgrimage but need help making travel reservations, managing itineraries, securing adaptive equipment, and making connections along the way? Pilgrims Journey can provide these additional services as well.

Want to go on pilgrimage but need an experienced and caring support team to provide assistance the entire way? Pilgrims Journey has that team! From travel arrangements, to assistive technology, to albergue reservations, and pushers and pullers, Pilgrims Journey can provide you with everything you need to go on pilgrimage. 

Just let us know your dreams, and we are ready to help!