Is there such a thing as a chance meeting?

Pilgrim’s Journey all began with what seemed at the time a completely random meeting. As I wandered down the hall at school one morning, Gabriel, a long time student of mine, came barrelling out of summer math camp. He had a huge grin on his face and was clearly aching to share some great news with me. Inspired by a documentary he had watched the past evening, Gabriel announced with unbridled enthusiasm that he intended to travel the Camino de Santiago, the ancient pilgrimage route stretching across Northern Spain. Having experienced the life-changing power of the Camino, myself, I was delighted to see Gabriel’s excitement for such a trek and encouraged him to go for it.

Just one hitch…this engaging, intelligent and witty young man has cerebral palsy. With the help of his walker, Gabriel navigates through school with ease, but making his way along the Camino? Not a chance…

And that’s when it struck me. Together we could make it happen! Before I knew it, we found ourselves on a wonderful adventure. And not just us, but a whole community working together, “bound for Santiago.”

Today, Pilgrim’s Journey is made up of a small group of friends who believe that everyone should have the opportunity to go on pilgrimage if they so desire, regardless of their physical abilities; Pilgrim’s Journey is committed to providing the support they need to fulfill that dream.

As you learn more about Pilgrim’s Journey, I hope you will share our vision for pilgrimage and become inspired to contribute in any way you can.

Kym Gardner
Founder and Director
Pilgrim’s Journey